Hon Thom is the largest island in the commune of Hon Thom, with a population of over 3,00.
People live concentrated on the east and west shores of the island and tend to follow the seasonal winds that make the island interesting and special. Almost every family on this island owns two houses, one on the east side and one on the west. They move between homes with the changing seasons, and the two seasons are referred to as “mua truong” and “mua nam”.

Diving to see corals in Hon Thom

When a family vacates a house, they cover the front in coco leaves to prevent sand and sea salt, which tends to rust furniture, from blowing in.
Visitors can reach Hon Thom by two kinds of boat. Cruise ships organize tours for fishing and diving on the coral reefs, and passenger boats, which travel between Hon Thom and An Thoi.
The closer to Hon Thom, the clearer the image of a real fishing village. Many temporary houses are built up on the sea shore; fishermen can be seem mending their nets in a leisurely and peaceful fashion. Go to the island center to find a small market. Hon Thom does not have paved roads – only dirt roads, lined by large trees that do a great job of cooling the air.