Ham Ninh Sea Crabs

Ham Ninh crab quite small, but firm, fragrant and tasty than other kinds of crabs. The taste is as delicious as taste of  Ca...

Grilled abalone

Grilled abalone
Phu Quoc island is renowned for its fresh seafood and it is almost rite for visitor to taste seafood during their stay in this...

Thanh Ca Mango

Thanh Ca mango
When talking about the strange delicious specialties at Phu Quoc island tourists often think of the famous seafood such as sea urchin, nhong fish,...

The Best Bánh Mì – Vietnamese Sandwiches

Banh mi
Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, called Banh Mi, have attracted a loyal fan base like never before. Like a musical band with rock star status, these...

Mushrooms tram Phu Quoc

Mushroom tram
Phu Quoc holidays – The mold is much in Phu Quoc and can chicken mushroom soup or boiled fish select washing, barracuda fish meat...

Roasted Peanuts – French Chouchous

French Chouchous
French Chouchous (roasted peanuts) is a famous brand name found by French settled in Phu Quoc.  Roasted peanuts are are made from high-quality ingredients...

Herring salad

herring-salad - in Phu Quoc
It would be a pity to visit the island without tasting goi ca trich (herring salad). The residents of Phu Quoc fish all year long....

Fried Rice With Sea Crab Meat

Fried rice with crab meat
Coming to Phu Quoc island, tourists get opportunities to tantalize their palate with delicious food such as sea urchin, nhong fish, tram mushroom, and...

Grilled Song fish

Song fish
Song Fish is a specialty of Phu Quoc Song fish is a specialty of Phu Quoc and it has become the chosen dish for dinner...

Rose Myrtle Wine of Phu Quoc

As one of Phu Quoc finest wines, Sim (the Vietnamese name of Rose Myrtle) is also rated as one of the best wine in...

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Grilled Egg Squid

Grilled Egg Squid


Sung Hung Pagoda

Hon Thom Islet

Hon Thom Islet

Squid Fishing Phu Quoc

Squid Fishing