Sunset Party Cruise & Night Squid Fishing Phu Quoc

sunset party
Our captain slow cruise along the Long Beach for a panoramic sunset view of the town

Dive sites at Phu Quoc Island

An Thoi Archipelago Located south of Phu Quoc approximately a 45 minute boat ride from Duong Dong. The Archipelago is made up of a collection...

Camping in Long Beach

Beach Camping
There are so many wild idyllic beaches on Phu Quoc Island that you will find amongst them a good selection on which to enjoy...

Visit a Pearl Farm on Phu Quoc

The cultured pearl industry officially began on Phu Quoc Island some 18 years ago when an Australian-Vietnamese joint venture company was established. Some large...

Water puppet show on Phu Quoc island

Water puppet theater on Dao Ngoc, Phu Quoc
The Phu Quoc water puppet show & theater located in Duong Dong town brings the traditional art of “ Múa rối nước” or water...

Jet skiing

Jet Skiing in Phu Quoc
Still new to Phu Quoc, though starting to appear are the usual variety of water sports including jet skiing and wind sailing, with just...

Explore the Island on a Motorbike

Discover Phu Quoc
Explore the Island on a Motorbike is very interesting.Travelling around the island is one of most fun things you can do, but beware –...

Squid Fishing

Squid Fishing Phu Quoc
Squid fishing is one of the big industries on Phu Quoc, and tourists are welcome to try their hand at catching some of these...

Kayaking in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc provides ideal weather conditions and calm waters during most times of the year for kayaking and more and more resorts now provide...

Scuba diving

Some of the Dive operators on Phu Quoc offer DSD for people not yet certified. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program allows those who...

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Grilled Egg Squid

Grilled Egg Squid


Sung Hung Pagoda

Hon Thom Islet

Hon Thom Islet

Squid Fishing Phu Quoc

Squid Fishing